Commercial Property

KHQ gives property related legal advice to the retail, commercial and industrial property sectors.

We represent property owners and developers. We help them minimise risks in a wide range of transactions including:

  • Leasing – agreements for lease, leases, heads of agreement, subleases, licences and other tenancy arrangements.
  • Sales and acquisitions of interests in property – sale and lease back arrangements, options to sell or purchase, tenders, easements and other interests in land.
  • Development of land – development agreements, subdivisions and mixed use developments.
  • Other property matters – advice about property taxes, valuations and compulsory acquisitions.

Our property law service is attentive and we have a keen eye for detail. Of course, we always keep the ultimate goal of the transaction in mind. We recognise that any investment in property is significant and long term. Our help with risk minimisation strengthens our clients’ ultimate position.

We strive for efficient negotiations and balanced solutions.

We also provide advice regarding property taxes, valuations and compulsory acquisitions.

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