Amelia Edwards Lawyer

Amelia is a member of our Corporate & Commercial and Marketing Law teams and, since joining us in 2014, has developed broad commercial experience and interests working across the firm’s practice areas and on secondment. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology) and a Bachelor of Laws (hons) from Monash University, and a Master of Laws from Melbourne University.

Amelia’s work focuses on entertainment law, marketing & advertising law, regulatory compliance, IP and brand protection, consumer law, and commercial contracting. Her expertise includes:

  • Competition & consumer law advice.
  • Reviewing, negotiating and drafting all forms of commercial contracting arrangements, including standard form terms and conditions, complex sales, industry-specific service agreements, and licensing, distribution, and outsourcing agreements.
  • Advertising & publication compliance, including CAD compliance, broadcasting and industry codes, misleading and deceptive representations, defamation, and product-specific legal requirements (including therapeutic goods and tobacco).
  • Trade promotions advice, including compliance with gaming laws, social media rules and other practical considerations, and preparing and reviewing ancillary agreements (such as sponsorship, underwriter, talent, and services agreements).
  • Compliance advice on all aspects of goods labelling, sale and manufacture compliance, including FSANZ Code compliance, TGA compliance, country of origin requirements, hazardous chemicals/health and safety, measurement and import/export requirements, and general consumer law requirements.
  • Advice regarding the registration of trademarks, copyright, and designs, and advice on ancillary issues such as enforcement, infringement, licensing, and assignment.

Amelia’s clients range across industries including broadcasting, publishing, marketing and advertising, design, technology, data and food & beverage.

Amelia also has a strong commitment to community and access to justice and has volunteered with Peninsula Community Legal Centre for many years. Amelia’s interest in art, people and culture has led her to travel the world, and her life-long involvement with media and entertainment led her to us. She is excited to grow her legal career by working with creative people on creative solutions.


Amelia was a Finalist in the Technology Media & Telecommunications category of the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards for 2017.

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