Bronwyn Montgomery Lawyer

Bronwyn came to KHQ Lawyers as a graduate lawyer having completed a BA (Media and Communications) and Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne.  Bronwyn completed her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at Leo Cussen Centre for Law and was admitted to practice in February 2016.

Before joining KHQ Lawyers, Bronwyn enjoyed a diverse range of legal experiences in Melbourne and abroad, including an internship with the Capital Appeals Project in New Orleans.

Bronwyn has been a member of the Family & Relationship Law team since April 2017, and has assisted in a broad range of financial and parenting matters, both in and out of Court.  Bronwyn is particularly interested in complex parenting matters, matters involving assisted reproduction, and all aspects of advocacy.

Bronwyn’s humanitarian interests underpin her empathetic and dedicated approach to achieving the best possible outcome for clients who are navigating difficult family law matters.

Latest News & Insights

Concerns over Veda’s privacy practices

Posted By on 30/08/16 at 1:13 PM

Credit reporting agency, Veda, recently came under fire over its privacy practices regarding disclosure of personal information for marketing purposes. Background Veda (a subsidiary of US credit reporting giant, Equifax) collates credit information about individuals and businesses. Individuals can obtain a free Veda credit report once every 12 months (additional reports in a 12 month … Read more

Heinz ‘healthy toddler snacks’ anything but – ACCC

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If ever you needed a reason to have your product labels legally reviewed, the ACCC’s recent action against Heinz should be enough to convince you. Product label claims are clearly in the ACCC’s sites, as the regulator issued Federal Court proceedings against food manufacturing conglomerate, H.J. Heinz Company Australia Ltd (Heinz), alleging false and misleading … Read more

The chicken and the egg and the ACCC

Posted By on 6/05/16 at 9:42 AM

‘Cruelty free’, ‘non GMO’, ‘Fair Trade’, ‘free range’ Advertising your goods using any of these promises will likely help you win over an increasing number of conscientious consumers who are willing to pay more for products they trust. But you’d better be sure that representations like these are accurate. Background ‘Free range’ is commonly understood … Read more