Greg Oliver Principal Solicitor

Greg has been practicing law for two decades. He has a background in general practice and in recent times has focused exclusively on family law. He is an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Greg focuses on setting realistic expectations and guiding clients through the often misunderstood and dynamic landscape of separation. Greg enjoys meeting clients and learning about their lives and their achievements in often adverse circumstances. He believes it is a privilege to assist people to grow as they transition to new phases in their lives.

Greg practices in all aspects of family law from the emerging area of pre-nuptial and continuing relationship agreements to traditional settlement negotiations of all shapes and sizes.

Greg regularly presents at seminars on family law and the myriad areas that intersect with family law such as estate and business succession planning.

Greg is a non-executive director of TRY Australia, a not for profit organisation that delivers a wide range of community services for children and youth and has previous board experience.  When not being a lawyer Greg hikes, mountain bikes and turns his phone off.


Greg is recognised in The Best LawyersTM in Australia for family law (2022).

KHQ Lawyers - Best Lawyers 2022

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Family wealth – inheritance protection agreements

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Financial Agreements … or Friendly Agreements?

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