Kristina Antoniades Special Counsel

Kristina was admitted to practice in 2004 and has practiced exclusively in family law since that time. Kristina is an Accredited Family Law Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria, an accredited mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. In her role as a Dispute Resolution Practitioner she is able to provide Section 60I Certificates to enable parties to commence parenting proceedings in the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court.

Kristina focuses on client based solutions and is empathetic and understanding to the needs of her clients.

Kristina has a passion for complex parenting matters, and has acted for a number of grandparents in the context of litigation. She also has expertise in drafting Binding Financial Agreements, Child Support Agreements and with complex property matters generally.

Kristina has developed a specialist practice in GLBTI family law matters, including the preparation of Donor Agreements and Surrogacy Agreements.

Kristina has presented regular seminars with the Prospective Lesbian Parents Association, and has also appeared on the radio station JOY FM on many occasions. She has also presented various seminars to her peers on topics such as Binding Financial Agreements, parenting matters, family violence, and surrogacy.

Kristina works collaboratively with other professionals such as financial advisors and accountants, and psychologists, to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

Kristina is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria, and the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia. She is also a member of LEDR (Association of Dispute Resolvers) and AIFLAM (Australian Institute of Family Lawyers and Mediators).

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