Marketing Law

Legal advice shouldn’t be about stifling creativity and saying “no” to fantastic ideas. Great lawyers are good at finding legally compliant solutions that work from a business/brand perspective as well!

Not only that but clients in the marketing and advertising space often have clients of their own and so high quality, clear and concise advice (provided fast and for a fixed price) is crucial.

We represent many household-name brands when it comes to marketing legal issues – everything from trade promotions to advertising legal clearance through to consumer law issues and ACCC investigations and prosecutions.

We also work with marketers, brand managers, in-house lawyers and creative and media agencies on:

  • Legally approving all types of marketing communications such as television commercial & radio scripts, advertising concepts, copy & artwork, online campaigns, and viral & social media campaigns.
  • Legal requirements for packaging and labelling.
  • Customer and supplier contracts.
  • Talent agreements.
  • Sponsorship, endorsement and brand ambassador agreements.
  • Understanding and complying with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Complying with the AANA Code of Ethics and industry specific advertising codes.
  • Complying with privacy and spam laws.

Our team understands that our marketing clients need high quality, clear and concise advice, and they need it fast.  Certainty of cost is also critical, where possible we will provide a quote prior to commencing work.

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion.  We can help you get your concepts out of your head, and into the market.

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