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By Alexandra Shaw (Lawyer) and David Robbins (Principal Solicitor)

Recent headlines that the iconic kangaroo logo would be replaced or sidelined for a new design has caused quite a bit of confusion. Thankfully, Glen Cooper, the chairman of The Australian Made Campaign, has clarified that the kangaroo logo will remain as Australia’s global product symbol and the new logo will be used in place of the Australian Unlimited logo, which is used by Australian businesses to represent Australian trade overseas.

There has been a lot of talk about the new logo looking like a virus and how much it has cost taxpayers but what businesses really want to know is what it means for them.

A quick refresher 

The Australian Made logo has become something of a badge of honour, and is an internationally recognised symbol of Australia’s high-quality products.

Australia made logo Australian grown logo Product of Australia logo

The Australian Consumer Law contains the rules on making claims about a product’s country of origin. However, Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) oversees the use of the logo, and only those who obtain a licence from AMCL can incorporate the well-known logo on their products.

The AMCL logo has been used as a marketing tool to identify Australian goods for more than 34 years, so AMCL’s confirmation that the kangaroo is here to stay has come as a relief for many businesses.

What will the new logo be used for?

The new logo, designed by the National Brand Advisory Council (NBAC) was inspired by Australia’s national flower, the wattle (not Australia’s national virus…). This logo will replace the Australian Unlimited logo, which features two boomerangs forming the shape of Australia.

The purpose of the new logo is to represent Australia during trade and business exchange programs (such as Austrade Landing Pad program). It is not to represent Australian made products, which will still be the function of our iconic kangaroo.

Are there any changes to the current logo?

Although the image of the kangaroo logo is here to stay, its colour palette will be altered to match the colour scheme in the new wattle logo.

New Australian made logo

The NBAC made this decision to avoid inconsistencies across Australian logos and symbols, and dilution of the Australian brand. By maintaining the kangaroo image and updating the colour palette, our beloved logo will continue to provide a recognisable and trusted Australian symbol, whilst maintaining consistency with other national symbols.

What do you need to do?

There is yet to be an official statement made in respect of the new colour scheme, but it appears this change is inevitable. It is possible that products bearing the kangaroo logo will need to be updated in due course to reflect the new colour scheme, but we will keep you posted on the official guidance from AMCL.

If you have any questions about the new changes or anything else related to country of origin labelling, contact us for an obligation-free chat.

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