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JOY Law – surrogacy in Australia

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) In this episode of JOY Law, Monica and Kristina talk about surrogacy: what it is, how it works and the laws pertaining to surrogacy in Australia. In particular, they discuss: the various forms of surrogacy; intended parents and who gets named as parents on the child’s birth certificate; commercial surrogacy … Read more

JOY Law – separation and parenting arrangements

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) Relationship breakdowns are never easy, and when children are involved, matters can become fraught.  It’s crucial that parenting arrangements are carefully considered and documented as soon as possible after separation.  On JOY Law, we talked about: emotional burdens you face when dealing with the breakdown of your relationship; co-parenting post-separation; … Read more

JOY Law – donor agreements & planning a rainbow family

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) On this episode of JOY Law (JOY 94.9), we discuss rainbow families, donor agreements and issues to consider when planning your rainbow family.  Specifically, we talked about: donor agreements and clarifying the intention of the parties entering into a donor agreement; the legal rights of the parties; ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ … Read more

JOY Law – what does marriage equality mean for those who married overseas?

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) On JOY Law (JOY FM), Jack Stuk and Kristina Antoniades discussed the ramifications from changes to the Marriage Act for LGBTI couples who married overseas.  Specifically, we talked about: recognition of overseas marriages under the revised law; whether those married overseas need to do anything to formalise their union in … Read more

Married overseas? You’d better read this

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) The reforms to the Marriage Act 1961 (“the Act”) commenced from midnight, 8 December 2017.  While many are still celebrating the long-awaited reforms, the changes to the Act have flow on consequences for same sex couples who married overseas. If you’re planning to get married If you are planning on … Read more

JOY Law: the scourge that is family violence

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) In this episode of JOY Law, we talk about the very serious topic of family violence. During the show, we discussed: the alarming statistics regarding the incidence of family violence in Australia; defining patterns of behaviour; legislative change to protect against all forms of violence – not just physical violence; … Read more

JOY Law: transgender youth & legal rights

On this episode of JOY Law, Bronwyn Montgomery and Kristina Antoniades discuss legal issues regarding transgender youth and minors, including: parental responsibility and the role of both parents until the child turns 18 years of age; medical interventions requiring consent beyond normal parental responsibility; two stages requiring consideration and consent: stage one consideration relating to … Read more