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JOY Law: who gets the pets? Property settlement when relationships end

In this episode of JOY Law, we discuss matters concerning property settlement when relationships end. We talked about the steps to working through a property settlement, including: proving relationship status (a key consideration given same sex marriage is not yet legal in Australia); agreeing on the property and assets to be divided; financial and non-financial … Read more

Court rules Binding Financial Agreements invalid

In the recent decision handed down by the High Court of Australia in Thorne v Kennedy, the enforceability of Binding Financial Agreements was considered.  This decision has been eagerly awaited by the family law community due to the ramifications for parties and practitioners regarding existing and future Binding Financial Agreements. Background This case involved a … Read more

JOY Law: intersex people and the law

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel) On this episode of JOY Law, we discuss legal issues affecting intersex people, including: historic and current legal rights; parental decisions about “special medical procedures” (and what these are); birth certificates and assigning gender at birth; the definition of “intersex”; and state-by-state differences in legal rights relating to intersex people. … Read more

JOY Law: Jewish Community responds to marriage equality debate

Jennifer Huppert, Special Counsel at KHQ Lawyers and President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria joined Jack Stuk on JOY Law to discuss the Jewish community response to the debate over marriage equality and the Australian Marriage Postal Survey. Jennifer spoke about: the Jewish Community Council of Victoria’s call for respect and decency in the marriage equality … Read more

JOY Law: marriage equality and religious freedom

In this episode of JOY Law, Amelia Edwards and Kristina Antoniades discuss religious freedom, discrimination and the Australian Marriage Postal Survey, including: religious organisations and exemptions from discrimination; existing legal protection for religious freedom (for example, not having to ordain a priest who is transgender); commercial enterprises and discrimination; potential implications for separation and divorce … Read more

JOY Law: defamation, vilification & the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

As the debate over the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey heats up, Amelia Edwards and Kristina Antoniades discuss legal protections against defamation and vilification, including: free speech versus hate speech; freedom of communication on political matters; Vote YES, Vote NO campaign communications; legal protections against defamation and vilification; cyber bullying and comments on social media; … Read more

JOY Law: LGBTI parents and donors

Great question from a JOY Law listener this week:  “I’m in a new relationship with a woman, and she’s pregnant.  The donor is known to her.  Will I be the child’s mother if we marry?” Listen to the JOY Law podcast by clicking here. If you’d like the team to answer a question on air, … Read more