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Statutory Demands – the pros and cons

By Kate Davey (Lawyer) and Paul Welling (Principal Solicitor) As we noted in our earlier blog post titled “You’re owed money…what next?”, in certain circumstances, a Statutory Demand may be an appropriate method for recovering a debt from a company. The purpose of this post is to detail the process for issuing a Statutory Demand … Read more

Discovery 101

By Kate Davey (Lawyer) and Paul Welling (Principal Solicitor) Discovery…it’s a necessary step in any litigation and the one that causes clients the most frustration. Outlined below are the basics you need to know. What is discovery? Discovery is the process by which parties to litigation provide one another with all documents in their possession … Read more

You’re owed money…what next??

By Kate Davey (Lawyer) and Paul Welling (Principal Solicitor) So you’ve tried the usual methods – sending outstanding invoices with “REMINDER: your account is overdue” stickers on them and making follow-up telephone calls – what’s next? Letter of demand This document, usually sent on a lawyer’s letterhead, states how much is owed and on what … Read more