Fire, coronavirus … and family separation


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So much for the year of good vision. So far there has been a lot to see!

Stressful times such as these are challenging for us all. Some of us don’t react so well. I don’t know about you, but I am preparing myself to become a vegetarian sourcing my sustenance from the local park, as frightened little hoarders have run rampant up and down the supermarket aisles.

At some point, and whatever the level of our isolation whether self-imposed or imposed by others, we are going to have periods of reflection which may not otherwise have occurred save for certain unprecedented events. If the reports coming out of China are to be believed, there is a large spike in the rate of couples looking to separate after being confined together with nowhere to go.

For KHQ’s family law team, this is not a huge surprise. Although the impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented, the possible consequence of tragic and stressful events on individuals is long understood. Very often we find these events in a person’s life lead them to analyse and re-evaluate their life choices. This includes, fundamentally, their choice of partner. Often a separation may follow. Conversely there may be instances where the penny drops for individuals who want to commence a relationship with a special person or take that extra step to make a commitment.

It is important to note here, that we do not always view separation as a negative thing. People separate because they feel it is the best course of action available to them to find a better place, not only for themselves but importantly their children and family and those around them.

If you are thinking of separating, or you know someone who is separating, the earlier you take advice and learn everything you can about your options and reasonable expectations, the better. We have a free interactive tool available on our website that will give you some general advice about your circumstances, including options regarding parenting arrangements and property settlement.  It’s completely free, and obligation free, to use.

Similarly, if you are planning to get married, are in a relation or want to start a relationship, this would be a good time to get advice about a financial agreement to protect what is left of your property after COVID-19 and human nature has depleted it (read our recent blog posts about financial agreements and inheritance protection agreements).

For us at KHQ, it’s business as usual.  Although (thanks to COVID-19 induced government guidelines on social distancing) we may not be shaking your hand any time soon or giving you a supportive hug, we remain here for you and those that you care about. We are well versed in working from home or remotely and, as we have clients all over Australia and internationally, we are also equipped to assist you by teleconference and over the phone.

If you want to know more about anything to do with the family law realm don’t hesitate to contact myself, Monica Blizzard or Kristina Antoniades.

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