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Posted By on 29/01/18 at 9:46 AM

By Kristina Antoniades (Special Counsel)

Relationship breakdowns are never easy, and when children are involved, matters can become fraught.  It’s crucial that parenting arrangements are carefully considered and documented as soon as possible after separation.  On JOY Law, we talked about:

  • emotional burdens you face when dealing with the breakdown of your relationship;
  • co-parenting post-separation;
  • the importance of written agreements regarding parenting arrangements;
  • developing a parenting plan as part of your parenting arrangements, and regularly reviewing it as the child/children grow;
  • court orders, and enforcement of court orders;
  • the limited powers of the Victorian Police (because family law matters are governed by federal legislation); and
  • “over-holding” a child – not returning a child or abducting a child.

Particularly when children are involved, we strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible post separation to ensure your children’s best interests are protected.

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