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Privacy compliance for start-ups

Posted By on 18/01/16

Starting your own business is challenging, exhilarating and daunting. I know – I’ve done it! Privacy compliance is one of those areas that seems to confound and confuse. Let’s take a brief look at what’s involved. Do I need to comply with privacy and spam laws? Privacy and spam laws are not the same thing. … Read more

Workplace relations: dismissal found to be unfair because the misconduct was caused by mental health issues

In another case on what is becoming a rush of decisions involving mental health claims, see Vernham v Jayco Caravans. In this case, the employee threatened that he would “go postal” and complained to some people that he was suicidal. The company conceded that the day before the threat he was in an agitated state. … Read more

Promoters win … again

Posted By on 18/12/15

In yet another change in trade promotions compliance in Australia, the ACT Gambling & Racing Commission has announced that permits are only required for trade promotion lotteries if the total prize pool exceeds $3,000. This is a significant shift – previously, permits were required regardless of prize value. Trade promotions not requiring permits must still … Read more

Here we go again …

As Franchisors and advisors we have just undergone a year of significant change in bedding down the new requirements of the Franchise Code and redrafting our suite of documents. While much remains unanswered about the new regime, including the practical ramifications of the “good faith” relationships parties now must observe, the changes seem somehow more … Read more

Chrisco’s lay-by terms breach consumer law

Posted By on 18/12/15

In the last quarter of 2015, the ACCC has capped off a busy compliance year by securing judgments, and issuing infringement notices, against several big name brands in relation to various breaches of the Australian Consumer Law. This blog is the first in a series covering these cases, including highlighting the key take away messages. … Read more

New guidance on advertising rules for video bloggers in the UK

Posted By on 25/10/15

The UK body responsible for writing and maintaining the UK Advertising Codes – the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) – recently released guidance for video bloggers (vloggers) about how and when advertising rules apply to their video blogs (vlogs). The problem with vlogging and advertising More than ever before, businesses are utilising the extensive reach … Read more

Misleading consumers in comparative advertising … are you allowed to say that?

Posted By on 25/10/15

Samsung v LG: who won? Delivering judgement earlier this year, the Federal Court has finally resolved proceedings between two of the biggest names in electronics – Samsung and LG. Samsung commenced proceedings against LG in 2011 for misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law in relation to television commercials and marketing materials used … Read more