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Clinica cops huge fine for misleading migrants

Posted By on 31/03/16

The Federal Court has found Clinica Internationale Pty Ltd (Clinica) engaged in false and misleading representations and unconscionable conduct regarding training programs offered to migrants. Clinica claimed that its training programs would lead to migrants obtaining cleaning jobs, which would in turn meet the skills test to enable them to obtain permanent residency. Many of … Read more

Social media: be careful what you post

Posting about an employer while employed can impact on an employee being awarded their job back. Social Media Rant- a tempting trap? The impact that social media, and specifically what an employee posts on social media, is being more frequently considered in the employment context. For example, since the “boom” of social media platforms like … Read more

ACCC enforcement targets for 2016

Posted By on 29/02/16

At his annual speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia recently, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims outlined the Commission’s compliance and enforcement policy for 2016. The ACCC has used the CEDA event platform for the past several years to give fair warning as to the regulatory focus for the coming year. You can read … Read more

Not proven – egg cartel claim dismissed

Posted By on 25/02/16

The Federal Court has ruled that the ACCC’s allegation of cartel conduct levied at the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) was ‘not proven’. What’s ‘cartel conduct’? Cartel conduct is prohibited under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act). Put simply, businesses enter into a ‘cartel’ when they group together to operate in harmony for … Read more

2016: trends & sleepers

Welcome back for 2016! What the early cases are already telling us in 2016 – the race for change is on.  What are your competitors potentially doing that you are not?  The Fair Work Act places multiple hurdles to change. Whether it be business necessity or not, those hurdles are now really being tested – with … Read more