JOY Law: who gets the pets? Property settlement when relationships end


Posted By on 18/11/17 at 11:11 AM

In this episode of JOY Law, we discuss matters concerning property settlement when relationships end.

We talked about the steps to working through a property settlement, including:

  • proving relationship status (a key consideration given same sex marriage is not yet legal in Australia);
  • agreeing on the property and assets to be divided;
  • financial and non-financial contributions to the relationship;
  • arriving at a ‘just and equitable distribution’ of property;
  • time periods to make a claim to the courts about property settlement disputes; and
  • reaching agreement about pets.

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Monica Blizzard

Monica Blizzard Director

Monica Blizzard is an Accredited Family Law Specialist with the Law Institute of Victoria, a trained mediator and collaborative lawyer, and has 20 years experience working in family law.

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