The technology law team at KHQ provides a range of commercial legal services to both technology businesses and investors into technology businesses. We also act for start-ups, private and large corporate incubators as well as multi-national technology businesses with interests in Australia.

The lawyers in our team have extensive experience working with technology businesses, and it’s our industry knowledge and practical solutions that differentiates us from other providers.  The services we provide include the following:

Start-ups and online businesses

  • preparation of shareholder agreements, founder vesting agreements, employee share plans, terms and conditions of trade, licensing agreements, and other legal agreements as needed
  • negotiating investment rounds, and
  • negotiation of distribution and licensing deals in multiple jurisdictions.

Service providers and developers and procurement

  • preparation and negotiation of implementation and software development agreements
  • negotiation of technology procurement deals
  • related intellectual property advice, and
  • dispute resolution with customers and suppliers.

Investors and venture capital funds

  • setup of venture capital funds and other investment structures for investors into technology businesses
  • undertaking investment transactions on behalf of venture capital funds and angel investors, and
  • undertaking a range of financing transactions including angel investments, series A deals, convertible note investments, grant of options, private placements and IPOs.

All technology clients

  • provision of general corporate legal work including preparing shareholders agreements, unitholders agreements, sales of business and sale of shares.
  • corporate finance
  • employee share schemes and equity vesting schemes, and
  • negotiation of IT related commercial agreements.


KHQ has been recommended in the Leading Technology Media & Telecommunications Law Firms in Victoria category in the highly regarded Doyles Guide for two consecutive years (2018-2019).

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