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Discovery 101

By Kate Davey (Lawyer) and Paul Welling (Principal Solicitor) Discovery…it’s a necessary step in any litigation and the one that causes clients the most frustration. Outlined below are the basics you need to know. What is discovery? Discovery is the process by which parties to litigation provide one another with all documents in their possession … Read more

You’re owed money…what next??

By Kate Davey (Lawyer) and Paul Welling (Principal Solicitor) So you’ve tried the usual methods – sending outstanding invoices with “REMINDER: your account is overdue” stickers on them and making follow-up telephone calls – what’s next? Letter of demand This document, usually sent on a lawyer’s letterhead, states how much is owed and on what … Read more

The chicken and the egg and the ACCC

Posted By on 6/05/16

‘Cruelty free’, ‘non GMO’, ‘Fair Trade’, ‘free range’ Advertising your goods using any of these promises will likely help you win over an increasing number of conscientious consumers who are willing to pay more for products they trust. But you’d better be sure that representations like these are accurate. Background ‘Free range’ is commonly understood … Read more

Europcar rental terms declared unfair

Posted By on 3/05/16

The ACCC certainly wasn’t kidding when it said that it would take a good hard look at the car rental industry. You may have heard that Hertz recently gave the ACCC court enforceable undertakings in relation to its damage assessment processes (see our blog on the Hertz case). Hot on the heels of the Hertz … Read more

Hertz hurting after ACCC probe

Posted By on 3/05/16

If you’ve ever butt heads with a car hire company over damage to a vehicle, then you’ll be very pleased with the outcome of the ACCC’s probe of Hertz’s operations. As part of its review into the practices of the car hire industry, the ACCC investigated Hertz’s car damage assessment practices, and found them wanting … Read more